Blitzscaling a Social Impact Company with Chris Yeh

SOCAP20 Submission: Blitzscaling a Social Impact Company

Help us change the world. 

SkyHive has submitted a session idea for the SOCAP20 Virtual Conference. SOCAP (Social Capital Markets) is the largest and most diverse impact investing community in the world. SOCAP OPEN, SOCAP’s annual flagship convening, is a conference that brings together impact investors, social entrepreneurs, and organizations dedicated to changing the world through market-based solutions. The conference sessions are based on submissions by global changemakers to a public forum and are voted on by the public, advisory team, and SOCAP programming staff. 

We need your vote to help educate the world on our mission. 

Event Themes

The overarching theme for this year’s SOCAP Virtual conference is about laying the foundation for a new decade in impact investing and inclusive economic growth. Due to the current state of the world, we need more businesses to play a positive role in society. Impact investors and social entrepreneurs can lead the way in the movement towards a more inclusive and sustainable future. What conversations must be had this year to deepen our commitment to building a just and inclusive economy?

Submissions have to abide by a few important rules and themes. SkyHive has chosen to focus on how to scale an impact-driven company. 

Our Submission

One of the greatest challenges facing social enterprises is how to scale, and sustainably. Digital transformation, economic shocks, and pandemics add another layer of challenges during the scaling process. With that said, scaling is an effective and efficient way to increase a social enterprise’s impact and solve a crisis but in these types of situations, a radical approach is needed to make a profound and lasting impact. 

Blitzscaling is the science and art of scaling at a rapid pace to serve a large market with sustainable growth. Many for-profit, impact-driven companies that have used the principles of blitzscaling have had some of the greatest impacts on shaping future industries and communities for the better. For social enterprises, this is a high impact approach that can reap huge rewards for society and your organizations when done responsibly and effectively. 

The question is: how do social enterprises successfully blitzscale in a time of unprecedented uncertainties?

In this fireside chat, Chris Yeh (the author of  ‘Blitzscaling’) and Serge Bukharov (Chief Product Officer of SkyHive) will dive deep into insights and strategies for blitzscaling social impact companies with real-life examples from SkyHive’s experience and other social impact organizations.

How to Vote

Public voting accounts for 30% of the decision-making process. Therefore, we need your help to spread the word and vote for our submission. 

To vote, all you need to do is:

  1. Go to our submission:
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SkyHive was founded with the mission of reducing global unemployment and underemployment while driving economic empowerment. Through this event, we will be able to share our knowledge and passion to help others succeed as social entrepreneurs. From the beginning, SkyHive has been surrounded by an incredible community of champions, partners, and supporters. We are excited to collectively create change on a global scale. 

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