Podcast: What Training Do You Need to Remain Successful at Work?

May 19, 2020

The internet has opened up whole new fields of work, and artificial intelligence and machine learning are starting to do the same. How do you keep up with these emerging technologies and trends?

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Podcast Episode: Reskilling and the Future of Work with SkyHive

Podcast: Reskilling and the Future of Work with SkyHive

October 22, 2019

On this episode, Dr. Heidi interviews Sean Hinton, the founder and CEO of SkyHive. Reskilling is a global priority, yet there are only a few qualified technologies and tools that support it. SkyHive is the world’s most reskilling technology that uses artificial intelligence to drive unparalleled insights into the skills of a workforce, supporting a […]

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Workforce Planning

The Crucial (And Often Overlooked) Step In Preparing Your Workforce For The Future

June 21, 2019

SkyHive CEO reveals the secret weapon for preparing your workforce for unforeseeable changes in the world of work.

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Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Future of Work

How The Fourth Industrial Revolution Is Impacting The Future of Work

October 19, 2018

SkyHive CEO Sean Hinton identifies four key impact areas of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on the Future of Work.

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World Economic Forum Identifies Reskilling as a Pillar of Economic Value Creation

January 24, 2018

Although a great deal of forecasting has been provided on the transformation to world labour markets, little has been done to develop practical solutions.

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