December 2019 Monthly Update from SkyHive

December at SkyHive: A Thank You to Our Champions, Customers, Partners, and Supporters!

2019 was truly a hallmark year for us. Our team of 21 is now supporting enterprises, educational institutions, and governments across three continents. Our status as the world’s reskilling engine is recognized and supported by renowned thought leaders, entrepreneurs, educators, policymakers, and associations.

Most importantly to us, we are one big step closer to achieving our vision of fundamentally changing and improving how the world works and learns. In the next few years, we are committed to continue working with communities around the globe – especially underserved populations – to create new pathways to employment through enhanced digital literacy, helping individuals understand their relevance to the labor market and matching them with opportunities that can sustainably increase their prosperity and sustainably improve their livelihoods.

SkyHive's birth story, where we are today and our future plans.

As a perfect year-end reflection, here is some light reading that gives you an intimate look into the birth of SkyHive, where we are today and our future plans.

Happy Holidays from the SkyHive Team

We’re excited to continue this incredible journey alongside our team, our customers and partners, and a global ‘village’ of believers and champions. We invite you to join us in our quest to build a strong and equitable workforce for a prosperous tomorrow.

All of us at SkyHive wish you a beautiful holiday season and an even more spectacular 2020.


Do Work That Matters

If you share a passion for combating poverty and social inequality while building leading-edge AI technology that solves for the Future of Work, join us! Check out our careers page for more information or read reviews on our Glassdoor page.


That’s all for now.

Once again, thank you for the support, and see you next month.

With passion and dedication,

– Your SkyHive Team

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