July at SkyHive Update

July at SkyHive: Feature in Harvard Business Review, Conferences, and More!

It’s been another busy month at SkyHive. The team has been working hard day in and day out in pursuit of our mission. From a feature in Harvard Business Review, an article on #BuildingBackBetter, to presenting at the SHRM Edge conference, we have a lot to catch up on.

Here’s what we have been up to this month:

In a recent article by Harvard Business Review, SkyHive was highlighted as an artificial intelligence platform that is helping workers recognize their skill gaps, identify future and emerging skills, and connecting them with relevant education and training opportunities.

Learn more in the article: http://ow.ly/44rQ50AHJWu

Adapting your workforce to changing demands with SkyHive

At the SHRM Edge Virtual Conference, Sean will be presenting on ‘Adapting your Workforce to Changing Demands’. From pandemics to digital transformation – workforces, jobs, and skills are rapidly changing. With real-time labour market data, effective strategies can be implemented now.

Learn more about the conference: http://ow.ly/tLlF50AHJF6

Building a Stronger and More Resilient Workforce with SkyHive

In an article featured on SHRM’s HR People + Strategy blog, Sean discusses strategies to ‘Build Back Better’, the urgent need for accelerated community-wide reskilling, and matching impacted workers to emerging and future skills.

Read the article: http://ow.ly/klUQ50AHKgd

SkyHive named a finalist for Spirit of BC Tech - Purpose Award

As a finalist for the Spirit of BC Tech – Purpose award, SkyHive was interviewed by the BC Tech Association to discuss SkyHive’s background, technology, and purpose.

“Purpose lives in your heart, not in your head. It is a passionate love affair with something that is greater than you. Because of this deep love, success or failure is not important. Service to Purpose is.” – Sean Hinton, Founder & CEO of SkyHive

Learn how SkyHive puts purpose first, tackling global problems with leading-edge technology: http://ow.ly/OpVy50AHKSD

SkyHive Employee Highlights

Alisha Umraz

Business Analyst

“Joining SkyHive in the midst of a pandemic affecting so many lives and livelihoods has been an eye-opening experience and I feel like I’m in a unique position to make a difference. SkyHive gives back to the world what some fear technology may take away. We are excited to use our advanced AI technology to connect people to jobs while also helping them find fulfilling careers and ways to get there. This is the vision that drives myself and everyone at SkyHive to work passionately.”

Alisha holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration & a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. She is currently leading the business analysis practice at SkyHive and has over 10 years of experience in Information Technology in domains spanning Airline, Retail, and Finance.

Alisha is a beach-lover, enjoys playing sports, and doing crosswords.


If you share a passion for combating poverty and social inequality while building leading-edge AI technology that solves for the Future of Work, join us! Check out our careers page for more information or read reviews on our Glassdoor page.


Once again, thank you for the support, and see you next month.

With passion and dedication,

– Your SkyHive Team

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