November 2019 at SkyHive - Updates on news, events, interviews and more.

November at SkyHive: SkyHive’s CEO Presents at DisruptHR, Panel Sessions, Conferences, and more!

At the DisruptHR event in San Francisco, Sean delivered a TED Talk-style presentation on reskilling and his vision for an abundant future of work. In front of a live audience of industry experts, Sean elaborated on the concept of quantum labour analysis and unveiled SkyHive’s groundbreaking application of it. Watch the recording here.

Sean Hinton of SkyHive presenting at PwC's Designed to Disrupt event

Sean spoke at PwC’s exclusive Designed to disrupt conference as a thought leader on workforce reskilling, advising Canada’s CEOs on how to prepare their workforces and organizations for the jobs of tomorrow.

“Part of my purpose in building SkyHive is to bring data and real-world solutions to the important global discussion of the Future of Work, and I am so appreciative of the opportunities I have had to do so,” says Sean.

SkyHive showcased at an Aerospace event on how its technologies can help the industry.

SkyHive had the incredible opportunity to connect with global aerospace industry leaders at the Canadian Aerospace Summit, where it was introduced as the most advanced reskilling engine for the fast-evolving aerospace industry and showcased how its technology can equip today’s aerospace workforce with the required skills of tomorrow.

Sean Hinton of SkyHive sharing his expertise with Singularity University's Kolkata, India chapter members

After the engaging panel session at this year’s SU Global Summit, Sean was invited to share his expertise on quantum labor analysis and SkyHive’s application of it with Singularity University’s Kolkata, India Chapter members.

We are honoured and excited to see the ongoing partnership with SU providing us with a platform to share SkyHive’s purpose of improving the livelihoods of individuals and communities with like-minded entrepreneurs from across the globe.

SkyHive presenting as a Village Capital's Future of Work & Learning program member

As a cohort company of Village Capital’s Future of Work & Learning program, SkyHive was invited to present its unique solution for solving the global reskilling challenge to HR and L&D executives from leading companies like McDonald’s, Microsoft and Deloitte at the Workforce of the Future Forum in Chicago.

SkyHive Employee Highlights

Rupert Cosulich
Director, Consumer Applications

“I have had the privilege to observe, participate, and contribute to what’s happened at SkyHive over the past two years. What this team has accomplished is nothing short of “magic”. It’s been a humbling journey and an honour to work alongside such an incredible group of people from all over the world – and we’re just getting started.”

As SkyHive’s first employee, Rupert has worked closely alongside the founders and remained a vital link between the company and its customers since day one. Today, Rupert is the owner of SkyHive’s B2C platform and facilitates the creation of SkyHive’s consumer-focused products; empowering tens of thousands of individuals to understand the skills they possess and how to leverage them to effectively navigate the Future of Work. Simply put, Rupert thrives on helping others succeed.Rupert graduated with a BBA from Baylor University in Central Texas, where he studied Entrepreneurship. His newly found passion for technology and social impact was born out of his relationship with SkyHive. Outside of work, Rupert’s favorite things to do are hunting, fishing, and spending quality time with friends, family, and Skipper the dog.

Do Work That Matters

If you share a passion for combating poverty and social inequality while building leading-edge AI technology that solves for the Future of Work, join us! Check out our careers page for more information or read reviews on our Glassdoor page.


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