October 2019 Monthly Update at SkyHive

October at SkyHive: SkyHive’s Pledge to Ethical AI, Podcasts, Conferences and more!

At the Singularity University Global Summit in San Francisco, Sean shared the importance of reskilling and his vision for the future of work with Deloitte’s Global Human Capital leader Erica Volini and SU’s Chair for the Future of Work Gary Bolles in front of 1800+ attendees from 64+ countries. Watch the session here.

SkyHive's pledge to Ethical AI.

SkyHive is proud to be one of the first companies to join the Cascadia Commitment – a pledge to safeguard customers through the conscientious adoption and deployment of artificial intelligence. By signing the Commitment, SkyHive pledges to engage with the broader community and allocate resources to proactively identify potential ethical challenges associated with AI.

Podcast interview with Sean Hinton on the Future of Work and Reskilling

In a recent podcast interview with Dr. Heidi Forbes Öste, Sean discussed the misconceptions society has about the future of work, how rapid digitization of the workplace and classroom will impact underserved communities, and how SkyHive is supporting those who are displaced or at risk of displacement through upskilling and reskilling.
Listen to the full episode here.

SkyHive's commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Tech needs more diversity—of experience, background, skills, and ideas. SkyHive is excited to join the Consumer Technology Association’s Diversity and Inclusion Working Group and work alongside some of the most influential tech companies in the world to develop and foster a more engaged, diverse, and inclusive tech ecosystem.

SkyHive's Sean Hinton invited to speak on the Future of Work at the Fulcrum Conference

Sean has been invited to share his expertise on the skills of the future and how workers, employers, communities, policymakers can navigate the future of work at the influential Fulcrum Conference next month. The conference is bringing together leading thinkers and industry experts to collaborate on actionable strategies for the future of work.

SkyHive is working iwth leading aeospace companies on the Future of Work.

Workforce reskilling is a global priority for the aerospace industry. SkyHive is excited to connect with leading aerospace companies and showcase its ability to equip today’s aerospace workforce with the skills of the future at the prestigious Canadian Aerospace Summit.

Sean Hinton of SkyHive sharing advice on Forbes

Sean shared his tip on coping with the fear of business failure with Forbes:

“What helped me cope with this fear was knowing that if I didn’t make the leap that I would regret it for the rest of my life, and truly acknowledging that if I did fail, I could pick myself up and start again without any regret.”

SkyHive Employee Highlights

Zhiying Li
Director of Data Science

“SkyHive’s mission is beyond profit; it aims to solve problems that literally shape the future of our society. I feel privileged to participate in this effort to build a world with exciting opportunities for everyone, not just the selected few.”

Zhiying is leading the data science team at SkyHive, where she likes to challenge herself and push the limits. She enjoys working with self-driven teammates to build wonderful products and develop unique solutions.

Zhiying obtained her PhD from the University of British Columbia and completed her postdoctoral training at Harvard University, where she was an NSERC fellow. Her academic achievements have been recognized by multiple awards. Following a stint as an Insight Data Science Fellow in 2012, Zhiying has been applying her data science expertise to solving difficult problems in health care, weather prediction, and law enforcement. Prior to SkyHive, Zhiying has led data science teams at several high-tech enterprises.

Do Work That Matters

If you share a passion for combating poverty and social inequality while building leading-edge AI technology that solves for the Future of Work, join us! Check out our careers page for more information or read reviews on our Glassdoor page.


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