September at SkyHive: Named One of Canada’s Top Innovative Companies, Featured Articles, & More!

Lots of exciting news ahead! September was a busy month at SkyHive and the team has been working hard. From being named as one of Canada’s top innovative technology companies to being selected for the K-Startup Grand Challenge, there is lots of important news to share.

SkyHive Named one of Canada's Top Innovative Companies

SkyHive is excited to announce it has been named one of Canada’s top innovative technology companies.

Out of over 500 applicants, SkyHive is one of the top 20 companies selected to participate in the Canadian Innovation Exchange (CIX ) program, showcasing Canada’s most innovative companies.

CIX is an annual curation program and conference to showcase Canada’s most leading-edge and game-changing companies. With delegates from across North America, CIX is also Canada’s largest tech investment conference.

Learn more about the program:

SkyHive Supporting Internal Mobility Through Reskilling

In a recent article featured on Forbes, Sean discusses why organizations should look within to individuals who could be reskilled to meet the demands of digital transformation to retain employees and create internal mobility while bridging skill gaps.

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SkyHive Selected for the K-Startup Grand Challenge

SkyHive is honoured to be selected as one of the 60 teams, out of 2,648 applicants from 118 countries, for the 2020 K-Startup Grand Challenge in South Korea.

The K-Startup Grand Challenge brings innovative companies from across the world to help transform the country’s economy for success, ultimately raising employment, the GDP, and Korea’s place in the world.

Learn more about the program:

SkyHive recognized as a leading technology for workforce skills assessment and identification

In a recent article on HRO Today, SkyHive is recognized as a leading technology for workforce skills assessment and identification.

Through Quantum Labour Analysis, SkyHive is able to assess the current skills and capabilities of a workforce in real-time, identify future and emerging skills, and facilitate workforce reskilling to allow organizations to remain agile, adaptable and innovative in the face of disruptions.

Read the full article:

Sean Hinton speaking at Vancouver Startup Week on Diversity and Inclusion in the Workforce

SkyHive is excited to announce that Sean will be participating in a panel discussion at Vancouver Startup Week on how to articulate diversity and inclusion plans internally and externally.

Register for the event:

14 Ways to Cut Recruiting Costs without Sacrificing Quality

In an article on, Sean discusses how companies can leverage artificial intelligence to drive efficiency without sacrificing the quality of candidates in the recruiting process.

The traditional manual candidate-screening process can be inefficient and costly. By using AI-driven talent screening technologies, skills can be extracted from both resumes and job descriptions to produce a list of top candidate matches in real-time. HR managers can then focus their efforts on the most qualified candidates.

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SkyHive Employee Highlights

Tanika Charles
Full Stack Developer & Project Manager

“Everyone deserves a livelihood, and SkyHive’s mission to help communities who traditionally face strong barriers to employment is a challenge I am proud to help tackle. In times like these, where we face a global pandemic, I think it’s more important than ever to empower all people facing unemployment and unexpected career shifts with our reskilling technology.”

Tanika brings a diverse background of experience to SkyHive, having worked in healthcare, retail, and as a sound technician. She started her experience at SkyHive as a co-op student in 2019, and after graduating with a Computer Systems Technology Diploma from BCIT with a specialization in Tech Entrepreneurship, she joined the SkyHive team full time.

As a Full Stack Developer and Project Manager, Tanika aims to support clients through workforce reskilling and in-depth labour market analysis with SkyHive’s technology. She looks forward to facing new challenges and helping SkyHive solve for the future of work.

In her free time, Tanika enjoys playing the synthesizer, learning about history, and spending time in nature with her friends and family.

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SkyHive’s CEO, Sean Hinton, has been selected for the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence – read the full article.  

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